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Tiny Homes

SnapSpace Solutions: Custom Built Tiny Homes

These days there are lots of solutions to the problem of expensive homeownership. SnapSpace Solutions is one of those opportunities that you don't want to pass up. We're a premier U.S builder, using shipping containers as a model for steel building units. They're an excellent solution in the construction of tiny homes and other modular spaces including, storage, commercial facilities, doomsday bunkers, and more.

The versatility of our custom-built homes allows for a diverse selection of projects, including a wide variety of options for tiny homes. There are endless possibilities. Consider using containers as custom-built, tiny homes for a retreat or Airbnb getaway. Our custom-built homes are the perfect answer for housing on undeveloped property. They also provide options for emergency housing and tiny homes for people in transition. These custom-built homes are tiny homes that you can easily move if you decide you want something mobile. And they also make great tiny homes with foundations that you can build on and continue to customize as your needs grow. We began building tiny homes in 2003. To date, we've completed numerous projects, ranging from custom-built homes to commercial development projects and office expansions too.

SnapSpace buildings are perfect for home or work—or as a structure for a piece of land without other facilities. We can customize tiny homes and build refrigeration units, coolers, storage units, and restroom facilities. Recycled shipping containers make excellent security buildings and doomsday bunkers as well. Not only that, but our options for custom -homes are more affordable than you might imagine.

Are you ready to find out more about our tiny homes and all the customized options? Get in touch, and let's build something together.

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