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Exterior of moozoo store. Red building with people walking by

Container Concessions

At SnapSpace Solutions, we specialize in transforming shipping containers into fully functional, stylish, and efficient concession stands. Our container concessions offer a versatile and innovative solution for businesses looking to provide food, beverages, or retail services in a compact and mobile format.

Exterior of red and blue Saddleback concession counter

Built to Last & Transportable

Exterior of blue shipping container concession building


Our container concessions cater to food vendors, coffee shops, and pop-up spaces, customized to maximize space and functionality. From food trucks to portable bars, we outfit containers with essential equipment like cooking facilities, refrigeration, and serving counters for efficient operation.

Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, our containers withstand daily use and various weather conditions. We repurpose shipping containers for eco-friendly, sustainable construction. Their mobility allows easy transport to different locations, events, or festivals, helping you reach a wider audience and adapt to market demands. Flexible and adaptable, our containers can be modified or expanded as your business grows.

Our streamlined design and construction process ensures a quick turnaround, getting your container concession operational faster than traditional construction, allowing you to start generating revenue sooner.

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