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The Vision

​SnapSpace Solutions is a premier U.S builder of steel shipping containers as intermodal steel building units (ISBU) for construction applications such as modular spaces, mobile technological housings, storage, commercial uses or housing.

With each new project we gain efficiencies and continue to improve productivity. We have demonstrated the value of ISBUs to the global market in everyday life. ISBU technology is on the forefront of efficient, durable and cost-friendly structural architecture. 

Our Story

SnapSpace has helped provide the Brewer area with construction and fabrication jobs – helping to fill the economic hole left by the closing of the ZF Lemforder plant in 2010. The versatility of ISBU technology will allow for a diverse selection of projects, with production satisfying the global need for various structures and container applications.

Since our humble beginnings in 2003, we have completed numerous projects, ranging from residential properties, to commercial development projects, to office expansions. We have created hundreds of job opportunities in the area, and have broadened the public's opinion of re-purposed shipping containers. Our journey is a progressive one, and one that is forever growing. We urge you to become part of our story in making a difference in today's economy and innovation.

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